Arabia CSR Network is a well recognised knowledge centre. With more than a decade  of promoting, studying and analysing CSR and sustainability development in the Arab region in its bag, ACSRN has acquired an in depth understanding of local and regional issues,  good practice and localised outcomes. The Arabia CSR Awards have given access to deep insights on what individual organisations are  pursuing in terms of CSR and sustainability.  So ACSRN compiles the policies, strategies and action plans of the award finalists of each year and publishes them as a compendium of best practices. Additionally, the summary of the winning organisations and their best practices are published in the form of an annual Winners Booklet, which is distributed during the annual awarding ceremony. The booklet is another means to acknowledge the efforts and successes of the Arab region’s CSR and sustainability champions. The booklet also provides an overview of the awards, and the trends and developments that are brought to light through it.