Through a wide range of workshops, seminars and networking opportunities, the Arabia CSR Network can help build your expertise in CSR and sustainability. The Arabia CSR Network is also the first organization that offers GRI sustainability reporting training services to organizations and individuals in all Arabic speaking countries of the Middle East.

The Arabia CSR Network will be organizing a series of unique and useful training courses in 2019. These will include topics such as Certified training on CSR Fundamentals, CSR Advanced, CSR Strategy and Leadership, GRI Standards Training, Materiality Matrix workshop, Stakeholders Engagement workshop and much more.

Contact us for more details on these sessions. We strongly suggest that you book in advance so you don’t miss out on these useful topics.

Current Trainings

The Arabia CSR Network aims to enhance CSR and sustainability related knowledge and accelerate its implementation.  In order to achieve this, ACSRN routinely organizes a bunch of trainings, workshops and seminars every year. Experts are brought in from various parts of the world to define and teach fundamental and advanced concepts in CSR and sustainability. ACSRN has teamed up with various acclaimed institutions like  UNGC, GRI, SROI, etc. to train companies in the Region in various aspects of CSR and sustainability.

The Arabia CSR Network stands out as being the first organization in the Middle East to be certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to conduct GRI trainings in Arabic speaking countries.

CSR Strategy & Leadership Training (English)
18-20 June 2019

GRI Standards (English)
23-25 June 2019

CSR Fundamentals (English)
23-25 July 2019

GRI Standards (English)
27-29 August 2019

GRI Standards (Arabic)
6-8 October 2019

Materiality Mapping Workshop (English)
24 October 2019

GRI Standards (English)
5-7 November 2019

CSR Advanced (Arabic)
19-21 November 2019

GRI Standards (Arabic)
17-19 December 2019

CSR Strategy & Leadership (Arabic)
23-25 December 2019